All About The Nērmai Foundation

The Nērmai Foundation strives to create Safe Communities.

Our aim is to create sustainably Safe & Resilient Communities which drives positive Economic Growth.
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Simple things like your commute to work, getting across an intersection safely, finding a job or securing the basics for survival are challenges faced by our entire rainbow nation. The rising cost of living, high unemployment rates and crime have brought about an increase in frustration levels and a feeling that nothing can be done about it.

This has escalated from extended time in traffic to road rage incidents, an increase from petty thefts to violent crimes, all for the proverbial “quick buck”. We have seen families move out of their homes, in search of safer suburbs, others emigrate – resulting in a loss of skills in country, insurance premiums rise due to the volume of claims. Choices are now based on safety and survival as opposed to living your best, well deserved life.

Envisage the following scenarios:

1. Running down the road, any road in any suburb, greeting everyone in sight, stopping to help a 6 year old child untangle her puppy’s leash from around her legs and then handing her a R10 note from your wallet so that she can get a snack on her way home, taking in the sights, the only worry on your mind being, “I sincerely hope my heartrate remains high enough on my smart watch so that I can reach my Vitality goal today.”

2. Leaving to the office which is 30kms away at 07:30 to arrive just before 08:00.

3. Choosing the car, you really want, without having to check the hijacking stats.

4. Actually wearing the watch your spouse gifted you which sat in a safe or vault for years.

5. Having birds sit on your fence without being electrocuted.

Granted, getting a child a snack without first checking for allergies or days of not having traffic might not be possible but the points above contains the essence of what we all desire and dream – the dreams which were usually preceded by the thought: ‘Somebody should do something about this…’

That’s why we created The Nērmai Foundation – To do something.

The Nermai Foundation NPC is a Non-Profit Company that was founded by three Sector 2 Crime Forum Members in Midrand. Working with the challenges that the community and Law Enforcement Teams within the area are currently trying to curb, the team decided that a strategic way forward was to start a Non-Profit Company that will be conducted like a normal (Profitable) business. The revenue that this business generates would be used to address challenges and shortcomings that the teams, currently dedicated to fighting crime and assisting the community, face.

The Nermai Foundation will use a progressive tiered approach to create jobs in an attempt to drive down the Crime rate within Sector 2 and expand, as the business grows, throughout Midrand with the aim to cover the Province and beyond once each tier is successful. This ensures the long-term success and sustainability of the Foundation and the communities it serves.

The Nērmai Foundation has the following Vision for our activities:

Creating sustainably safe and resilient communities which drives positive economic growth.

The launch of the food truck initiative is imminent. Proceeds will be used to fund the Nermai Foundation.

Growth in this area will facilitate additional projects.

The Nermai Foundation

  • The Nermai Foundation
  • The Nermai Foundation
  • The Nermai Foundation

Trained individuals will patrol the defined areas and report unusual activity to the Sector Crime Forum (SCF).

This team will be called upon by the SCF, for assistance where necessary.

The community will have access to Affordable, Healthy & Nutritious Meals through the Food Trucks in the area. The proceeds from this initiative will be used to fund other Projects and enable Expansion of The Nermai Foundation.

Food Trucks will help our Non-Profit Company, help the community!

The Nermai Foundation will arrange for regular Self Defence classes for Women and children.