Job Hunting & Engaging a Corporate on your behalf

We are All in this together.

The Human Life, and the value thereof, matters far more than any amount of money. We, All, are priceless to someone, if not everyone, and are therefore treasured!

The Coronavirus Pandemic may lead to some of us losing our jobs, but we All have the ability to make a positive difference in our community

If you have been retrenched, or are finding it challenging to secure a job, reach out to us. Our team will assist in making this process a lot easier.


Difficulty dealing with a Corporate? We will endeavour to assist you.

Are you facing challenges when engaging with a Corporate? Are you stuck in your communication with them? Are you unable to make any further progress?

Reach out to us and we will guide you to an amicable outcome. The Nērmai Foundation does not provide legal services but we will help you try and resolve.
Free of Charge of course.

Please complete the below form and provide as much detail as possible to ensure we are able to assist you.