Our goal is to create Safe Communities

Your Safety is our priority

The Nērmai Foundation is all about changing the way people live in their communities. Communities that provide Safety, Employment, Support and Resilience. We believe that Safe Communities are Happy Communities.

Join us in our Journey towards creating a Safer South Africa! 

The Nermai Foundation

About Us

The Nērmai Foundation strives to create Sustainably Safe & Resilient Communities. Every person deserves to live their best life and we believe that this will only be possible in an environment that is Safe! This, in turn, will drive Positive Economic Growth.

Pilot Project – Midrand

The Nērmai Foundation has selected Midrand, Sector 2 as their focal point in this phase. Why? It’s quite simple, the 3 founders of this Non Profit Company are members of the Sector 2 Crime Forum.

The Nermai Foundation

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Job Hunting Assistance

The Human Life, and the value thereof, matters far more than any amount of money. We, all, are priceless to someone, if not everyone, and are therefore treasured!

We are All in this together.

Engaging a Corporate

Difficulty dealing with a Corporate? We will endeavour to assist you. Reach out to us and we will guide you to an amicable outcome. Free of Charge of course.

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